Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree! With dark green needled memories Of childhood dreams and mysteries Wrapped present-like in front of me. http://www.christmas-poem.info/ This is the time of the year where being old fashion is kinda the thing to do. Christmas brings out a nostalgic side in everyone. Making unusual tradition like popcorn garlands cool rather than just weird  As a kid I remember string … Continue reading Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree


space saving Ideas

spice storage for a small house   Small house big living. Living in a small hous can be tricky but very rewarding. when living in tight corders whether its in a collage dorm, small starter house, or a 200 square foot home its important to use your space efficiently here are a few ideas for creative and useful storage strategies.   is you have a … Continue reading space saving Ideas


Cauliflower Pizza

Carb smart pizza When it comes to eating healthy the hardest part is finding foods to replace you not so good ones… whether its snacking on peanuts instead of potato chips or broccoli instead of a microwave burrito. Its important to have a game plan for when the munches spike. Otherwise when you get hungry you’ll revert to your old habit and grab a tub … Continue reading Cauliflower Pizza